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Audio Podcasts

These podcasts in MP3 format are perfect for ongoing study in any environment where watching the lesson isn’t possible. And, in fact, listening to your new language is a proven method for learning and memorizing new vocabulary, grammar and usage.

LAWM-Podcast: Suffixes2


Suffixes2 Podcast


This Podcast includes the phrases and vocabulary used in the lesson.
The lesson covers the following topics and vocabulary:
-what are the different uses of Prepositions with Suffixes to Say I have in Levantine Syrian Arabic
-when to use a'nd, "at" to express having or owning something
-when to use ma', "with" to express having something with you or related to you
-when to use ila, "to" to express having something or having in time or relationship
-when to use fee, "in" to express having in the sense of being associated with, having habits or ability to do something