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In a Restaurant: Anki Audio Flashcards


In a Restaurant: Anki Audio Flashcards

This audio flashcard deck includes the phrases & vocabulary used in this lesson.
The lesson covers the following topics and vocabulary:
-how to book a table in an Arabic restaurant
-how to say I have a reservation when you get to the restaurant
-how to ask do you have a table for 2 or more people
-how to call the waiter in Arabic
-how to ask for the menu
-the different parts of the menu (appetizers, grilled foods, sandwiches, main plates, salads, drinks, sweets) and the items you will find there
-how to have a conversation with the waiter asking about the food and ordering your meal
-how to ask "do you have..." if you didn't find different types of food on the menu
-how to ask "what vegetarian food do you have"
-how to ask "what do you have without..." if you don't like some ingredients in your food
-how to order your food and to say I don't want this ingredient in my order or I want it on the side
-how to answer "What would you like to drink"
-how to answer "anything else" in different ways to say "no thanks" or to say "we would like dessert at the end"
-how to ask for the check
-how to give a tip to the waiter
-how to thank the waiter when leaving