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My lesson bundles give you the most cost-effective way to supplement my lessons with hands-on study aids. You get flashcard decks, lesson review PDFs, and audio podcasts – all at a big discount!

Sympathy Lesson Bundle


Sympathy Lesson Bundle. Lesson Quick Review, Text and Audio Flashcards, and Audio Podcast in 1 Package!

Sympathy: Anki Audio Flashcards

Sympathy: Anki Audio Flashcards

Sympathy: Anki Text Flashcards

Sympathy: Anki Text Flashcards

LAWM-Podcast: Sympathy

Sympathy Podcast

Sympathy Quick Lesson Review

Sympathy Quick Lesson Review

This Lesson Bundle includes all my Study Aids for this lesson in one package.
The lesson covers the following topics and vocabulary:
some more phrases for difficult, but important, moments in life,:
-how to offer condolences in the Syrian dialect when someone passes away,
-how to reply to condolences In Arabic,
-important vocabulary like Funeral, Wake, Condolences in Arabic,
-how to offer formal condolences,
-the most common form: May God be merciful upon him/her,
-another phrase to comfort someone: May it be the end of your sadnesses,
-also: May you have a long life, and,
-May the rest of your life be better,