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Suffixes 3: Anki Text Flashcards


Suffixes 3: Anki Text Flashcards

"This flashcard Deck includes the phrases & vocabulary used in this lesson.
The lesson covers the following topics and vocabulary:
This is our third lesson about using suffixes in Levantine Arabic. A LOT of Arabic is built around suffixes, and how they work with nouns, verbs and prepositions in sentences. In this Syrian Arabic lesson you will learn how they work with the important prepositions From, About, Between, With and On.
-how to use the Arabic Prepositions: From, About, Between, With, and On with the personal suffixes.
-everyday examples showing how to use the suffixes like:
-I knew (something) from her
-I’m waiting (for something) from you
-talking about them
-Between you and me
-and lots more!