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My lesson bundles give you the most cost-effective way to supplement my lessons with hands-on study aids. You get flashcard decks, lesson review PDFs, and audio podcasts – all at a big discount!

Apology & Sorry2: Lesson Bundle


Apology: Lesson Bundle. Lesson Quick Review, Text and Audio Flashcards, and Audio Podcast in 1 Package!

Sorry 2&3: Anki Audio Flashcards

Sorry 2&3: Anki Audio Flashcards

Sorry 2&3: Anki Text Flashcards

Sorry 2&3: Anki Text Flashcards

LAWM-Podcast: Sorry2

Apology Podcast

This Lesson Bundle includes all my Study Aids for this lesson in one package.

Lesson 1 in this series ("Sorry") covered:
-how to say sorry in Arabic  according to how big our mistake was
-simple situations like sorry or pardon me.
-when someone askes you to do them a favor but you can't or don't want to do it.
-if you made a big mistake and you really feel sorry about it. After you admit your mistake how you will ask forgiveness?

This Quick Review includes the phrases and vocabulary used in the lesson in table format.
The lesson continues my earlier lesson on saying sorry, and covers the following topics and vocabulary:
-more ways to say sorry in Arabic, and how to respond to apologies
-how to accept an apology politely
-how to accept an apology, but let the person know you were inconvenienced
-how to refuse an apology for something you can't accept