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Marra: Sometimes, Once, Never, Part 1&2: Anki Text Flashcards


Marra: Sometimes, Once, Never, Part 1&2: Anki Text Flashcards

This Flashcard Deck includes the phrases & vocabulary used in the lessons: Marra, Parts 1&2, in Levantine Arabic.

  • In Levantine Syrian, the word "marrah" has a multitude of meanings and can be used in various contexts. It can refer to "once," "one time," "never," "not at all," "last time," "every time," "first time," and more. This deck covers the first 2 of 3 lessons on this important word.
  • We see how it can be used in both positive and negative contexts, and we will provide examples of how to use it in everyday conversation.
  • This word can be used to ask someone if they have ever done something before or to say that you have never done something before.
  • It can also be used to express hesitation or uncertainty.
  • We also learn how to use the word "marra" to express a period of time. For example, we can say "marra fi ash-shahr" (مرة في الشهر) to indicate that something is done once a month.